About Frosch Learning

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Our Background

Founded in 1993, Frosch Learning has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results to all types of businesses.

We work with both large/blue-chip businesses and SMEs throughout Europe, Australia and the Middle East, specialising in helping organisations increase their efficiency and surpass their competitors in three core areas of business activity.

We help corporations:

Win the business they want

Lead and manage their people effectively

Retain and develop their most important Clients

Why We’re Called Frosch Learning

Professor Charles Handy tells of the plight of the Frog.

If a frog is put into cold water which is gently heated to boiling point, it will not notice the change of temperature until it is too late and will be boiled to death.

Companies are often the same. They do not notice the accumulation of changes that are occurring around them until it is too late.

Frosch is the German word for Frog – and Frosch Learning shows companies how to learn from the story of the Frog:

  • To understand what changes have occurred and how to react to them.
  • To become a “learning organisation” so that at all times the company is watching for change and is making adjustments to deal with the change.

Unlike the frog, Frosch helps its clients react before it is too late.

Our People

Every member of our team are not only highly trained, but also holds a proven track record in their chosen field and sector specialism.

This enables us to constantly develop relevant material that meets with today’s market conditions, and ensures we understand your industry and the challenges faced within it.

Each of our training consultants also actively take part in monthly prospecting activity to ensure that they are at the top of their game.

I.e. We are all “Frosched” and practice what we preach.

Why should you use Frosch Learning?

We provide dedicated consultant/s to each of our clients, so that;

  • Real partnerships are forged
  • Programme styles are adapted to fit within the culture of your individual organisation

What that means for you is a guarantee that our training;

  • Keeps up with current times
  • Will motivate your people to change their behaviour
  • Promises to be specific and relevant to you
  • Delivers the results you want
Our approach to helping people learn and change has been developed based on over 25 years of inspired development.
“It’s about learning, not just being taught”
Our implementation methods mean that training turns into visible results so that you see your return on investment.
“Exciting, enjoyable, active workshops that inspire change and personal growth”

Our Values

We founded Frosch Learning in a recession. Our Clients wanted to know where they needed to change and the best ways of doing so.

The three values that helped our clients then are equally valid today:

  • Embedding Positive Change

    Frosch Learning prides itself on being an implementation consultancy.

    We are constantly learning, developing and adapting new ways to increase people’s motivation to change their behaviour for the better.

    Each and every one of our training sessions are followed up, tracked and measured– We like to know we’re doing a good job, but love you to be able to see your return on investment!

  • Honesty & Respect

    At Frosch Learning, we are consistently acknowledged for our high quality, constructive and honest feedback.

    Our recommendations are made based on what we feel will produce the most noticeable difference in results within your business, and will be provided at each stage of the process.

  • Passion for Results

    At Frosch Learning, we take great pride in the results we deliver for our clients.

    No-one wants to do training to ‘tick a box’. Our passion for results is apparent through our high percentage of recommendations and long standing clients.

    To read more about what our clients say about our first class training programmes, click here.

Some of our stats and facts

98% of our clients say they would recommend us

92% say they received a significant return on their investment

+88% of our clients say we exceeded expectations

98% of our clients say they would recommend us

98% of our clients say they would recommend us

98% of our clients say they would recommend us