Business Development

Business Development

Impel Dynamic has decades of experience and understanding to help scores of professionals

grow and enhance ‘non-technical’ attributes to develop their businesses.

Impel Dynamic works with a range of professional service industries, including the legal,
financial and insurance sectors, offering highly popular, practical programmes.
Branded ‘revelatory’ by previous clients, our well-regarded programmes expose
individuals to best practices and help to identify next-practices for the future.


Sell deeper and wider into your existing client base and increase client retention, with proven

strategies and systems—the heart of Impel Dynamic’s bespoke business development

Take your business from ‘supplier’ to ‘partner’ status and foster board-level influence.


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Topics we cover

Our Process

Taking an approach, tailored to each individual’s business, Impel Dynamic delivers
programmes designed to initiate fundamental changes in your organisation and the talented

individuals of your workforce, bringing growth and profit.


We drive forward your business through collaboration. Our three-stage process

 takes the time to understand your key objectives and company culture

personalises training and mentoring for maximum effectiveness

 returns to ensure successful implementation


Proud of our 92% ROI success rate, Impel Dynamic’s bespoke business development
 programmes are adapted to suit your business needs. From the initial consultation, to a

oneto-five-day workshop, to an ongoing sales training development plan for the future,

our business development training programmes:

create a wider choice of revenue opportunities

increased success in developing business

greater client retention

Stage 1: Research & Programme Construction

Have you managed to pinpoint your issues? Impel Dynamic works with you to help you achieve your desired objectives and goals.

  • One-on-one interviews – identifying perceptions and experiences
  • Departmental observations – a “fly-on-the-wall”perspective
  • Focus Group Workshops – including a ‘business health check’

This research and analysis provides the foundation for programme personalisation.

Stage 2: Practical Learning

Your workforce is melting pot of talent, skills and ideas. Working with various ways of learning, Impel Dynamic inspires your people to make practical changes to their approach through techniques such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Case studies
  • Simulations/ role play
  • Group presentations
  • Individual coaching

Through interactive workshops, coaching and consultancy, garner your team’s cohesion, confidence and collective value.




Stage 3: Implementation & Post-Programme Follow-up

Observing these fundamental changes, initiated by Impel Dynamic, is key to ensuring the greatest success of the programme. Together, we track the impact of training on your business. This may include:

  • Agreed personalised and measurable action plans
  • Field support or recorded simulations
  • Blended learning to meet core

Our sincere aim to deliver effective results ensures you will see the change you seek.

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