Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Advanced Sales Course

With over 25 years’ experience, our Face-to-Face Selling Advanced Course is ideal for individuals or teams that are required to sell complex products or services to high level C-Suite level senior prospects.

Our experts at FROSCH Learning will teach you how to sell on an emotional level and to understand the psychology behind why people make the decisions they do. The Course will look at all the key elements of the sales process including organisation and planning, sales cycles, meetings, proposing and presenting solutions, proving insight and closing the deal.

We offer a range of two-day Open Face-to-Face Advanced Courses in major cities across the UK including London, Manchester and Birmingham. Courses are available for individuals or groups of people.


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Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Who's the training for?

  • This will benefit anyone who feels that they understand the fundamentals of sales and want to take their skill sets to another level.
Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Why you need this training?

Our Advanced Face-to-Face Open Course teaches about consultative, value selling and providing insight. It is for people who have a track record of being successful at selling but want to further their skills and reach newer heights. It is perfectfor those having to sell to multiple decision makers with different needs and understanding how to influence them.

Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Prior Training

Pre Training Review

All delegates will be sent questionnaires to complete prior to the training. This will enable our trainers to target relevant content so that you maximise on the your learning.

Participants should bring: –

  1. Any targets and activity plans they are working to.
  2. All materials that they use or that they think they might like to use on a sales visit.
  3. A clear list of the objections which they most frequently receive in the field.
Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Content of training

  • Improving efficiency in the way prospects and clients are handled
  • Learning valuable tips and techniques to achieve objectives when meeting with multiple decision makers
  • How to set appointments with decision makers and open new opportunities.
  • Techniques to use in getting in front multiple decision makers and infleucers
  • Leading with a consultative approach and selling on value
  • How to have insight driven conversations to high level directors with impact
  • Developing in-depth skills inquestioning techniques and listening so every sales opportunity is identified effectively
  • Understanding why and how people make decisions and the psychology behind it.
  • Selling on an emotional level.
  • The psychological aspects behind earning trust, respect and developing chemistry
  • How to make powerful 5 star presentations that will engage contacts from the offset
  • Gaining an understanding of any personal communication difficulties and the relevant techniques for self-improvement
  • Standing out from the competition and not having to stand up to them
  • Handling the most difficult objections and winning round the client
  • Dealing with price and negotiating the best outcomes
  • 10 different ways ofhow to close effectively without appearing pushy


Review, summary, conclusions, action plans

Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Optional post training review

Following the Training Programme, Frosch Learning will return to your workplace to conduct an in-depth, post implementation review meeting four to eight weeks after the programme to ensure positive change in the workplace. This can include an individual recorded simulation followed by a detailed review and coaching session.

Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Course details & times


2 Days 9:30am – 4:30pm


Smart Casual


Locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester


Lunch Will be provided.

Refreshments including teas and coffees will be supplied during breaks

Face to face Sales Advanced Level

Delegate Feedback

“just when you think you know it all…. This course has shown me how much I didn’t know and helps you look at sales from a different dimension”


“love the psychological elements behind this course…. A brilliant 2 days”


“love the practical elements to this course…. They cut through the gabadygook and dive straight into reality”


“you come out feeling the urge to set appointments with all your clients so that you can try out the new techniques”


“love it and would highly recommended it do all my collegues”


“very helpful and a very well structured course throughout”

Available days and locations:


Tuesday June 19 2018

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Thursday October 25 2018

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Thursday December 20 2018

+ Information about the day


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