Face to face Sales Basic Level

Fundamental Sales Skills OR Basic Sales Course (or Training)

At FROSCH Learning, we firmly believe in expert learning combined with practical application to achieve the best results. With over 25 years’ experience, our Face-to-Face Fundamental Sales Skills Open Course will help you to naturally win more business, be more effective at what you do,maximise all potential opportunities and increase conversion rates.

We offer a range of two-day Face-to-Face Basic Open Courses in major cities across the UK including London, Manchester and Birmingham. Courses are available for individuals or small groups of people.


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Face to face Sales Basic Level

Who's the training for?

Will benefit any person who is wants to be introduce to the fundamentals of Selling.

Typical examples (but not limited to) are:


  • Field Sales Executives
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Inhouse sales
  • Customer Service Advirsors


Face to face Sales Basic Level

Why you need this training?

Our Face-to-Face Basic Course is perfect for those wanting to develop their face-to-face sales. The course covers the fundamentals and essentials of selling, whether that’s B2B or B2C. It includes understanding the core areas including negotiation, handling objections, building rapport effectively, earning trust and closing a deal.

candidates describe this introductory sales course as ‘pivotal’ in jobs  as the fundamentals stay with them throughout their careers. It also will give you the tools and needed to stand out from the competitors and your collegues.

Face to face Sales Basic Level

Prior Training

Pre Training Review

All delegates will be sent questionnaires to complete prior to the training. This will enable our trainers to target relevant content so that you maximise on the your learning.

Participants should bring: –

  1. Any targets and activity plans they are working to.
  2. All materials that they use or that they think they might like to use on a sales visit.
  3. A clear list of the objections which they most frequently receive in the field.


Face to face Sales Basic Level

Content of training

  • The difference between Selling & Negotiating
  • How to avoid coming across as ‘salesy’
  • Earning trust from the customer
  • Clearly understand different objectives and retreat aims that can be set for every type ofsales visit
  • How to structure a sales visit to maximise conversions
  • Be reminded of the things to do and not to do when you meet someone for the first time
  • Questioning & Listening techniquesso every sales opportunity is identified effectively
  • Learn how to make best use of visual material, proposals and samples in presenting their product and services to best effect
  • Using the ‘5 impulses’ technique to positvely influence customers
  • Understand how best to handle the Customer when handling difficult objections
  • Be shown how to build the best counter arguments to the most frequent objections they receive
  • Be given practical ways ofovercoming the objections they receive on price
  • Build confidence ingaining commitment from the

Review, summary, conclusions, action plans

Face to face Sales Basic Level

Optional post training review

Following the Training Programme, Frosch Learning will return to your workplace to conduct an in-depth, post implementation review meeting four to eight weeks after the programme to ensure positive change in the workplace. This can include an individual recorded simulations followed by a detailed review and coaching session.

Face to face Sales Basic Level

Course details & times


1 Day 9:30am – 5pm


Smart Casual


Locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester


Lunch Will be provided.

Refreshments including teas and coffees will be supplied during breaks


Face to face Sales Basic Level

Delegate Feedback

“It’s about learning, not just being taught”


“really helpful course in helping you understand the most important attributes when selling”


“actually really fun course, and I feel motivated to try things out tomorrow”


“I’ve been on a few courses and this is the best”


“the trainer really knows his stuff…. I was particular expressed by how he handled the various questions thrown at him by course participants”

Available days and locations:


Friday June 15 2018

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