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​Brace Yourself For A New Hot Sauce That’ll Blow Your Socks Off



While “The Last Dab” may sound like a military memorial for Paul Pogba, it is something even more sinister than that. It’s a hot sauce or, at least theoretically, a sauce that you might put on your food.

When you buy a hot sauce, you want it to be, well, hot. Just how hot is something that comes down to personal taste but, suffice to say, The Last Dab might be pushing the boundaries of even the most wax-tongued of chilli fiends.

This sauce takes advantage of a new pepper, the Pepper X, which tops out at 3.18m on the Scoville Scale.

For the uninitiated, the Scoville unit is a measure of heat, running from the humble bell pepper at zero Scovilles to tear gas at around 500,000 Scovilles.

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