From our quirky British charm to career opportunities and prosecco brunches, the UK’s top cities have a lot to offer. But there’s a problem: space. From not-so-roomy rooms to small storage solutions and house-shares, it can be tricky to make our spaces feel spacious, store our belongings, and make our house feel like home.

At MADE.COM, we’ve created a savvy guide on how to make the most of your small space. Drag to reveal the transformation and use the left and right arrows to see how one room can be re-imagined. Select a different room below.

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Bathrooms are having a moment in the interior design world right now, so we thought it would only be right to showcase a few handy tips for those bathrooms on the smaller side. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Make the most of dead space.

Lorem It inevitable, dead spaces and small nooks can accumulate throughout the home and it can be challenging to find inventive ways to utilise them. Try adding shelving up to the ceiling to add height and depth. Shelving can be used as much-needed storage or rest bold print artwork to draw the eyes attention up.


Light, organic colour schemes.

Neutrals are a great option for small spaces and can make rooms feel light and airy giving the illusion of a larger space. A marble feature wall, as seen here, creates a hotel luxe feel which adds a hint of luxury to even the smallest of bathrooms.


Clever storage solutions.

Despite your continuous efforts of keeping products, skincare, and haircare to an absolute minimum, somehow, they always build up. Rather than keeping items stored in boxes and drawers, create clever storage solutions to add space to even the smallest bathrooms. Use storage cabinets from floor to ceiling and opt for colours that match the wall behind, mirrored cabinets also double up as storage and create the illusion of a much larger space.


Storage in unexpected places.

From finding storage pieces that fit perfectly into an unexpected spot to building your own, think about areas that you can add storage to. Here we’ve cleverly incorporated towel storage into the side of the bath, which is both subtle and creates that much-needed storage space.

UK Balcony

Lucky enough to have outdoor space but not sure how to make it feel like your own? We’ve created a variety of balcony layouts using only one balcony to show you how you can re-imagine your outdoor space, no matter what the size. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Go verdant-chic with faux grass walls.

Even if you’re living in the city, faux grass and plants can add a botanical feel and colour to your outside space. The best faux grass these days can look almost identical to the real thing, without the need for you to spend time on maintenance.


Vintage string lights.

Vintage string lights look fantastic in almost any outdoor setting. There are so many different variations, designs and colours available, so whether you want something that will create a relaxing and dim lit space or brightly coloured bulbs for a party, string lights add dimension without taking up floor space.


Create your own garden... however unlikely the space.

In an age in which so many of us are living in urban settings, the balcony garden is a concept that has truly found its calling. Use old crates or build your own plots out of wood to add greenery to your outside space. If you don’t have the time to take care of it, opt for faux plants to give the illusion of a thriving garden.


Use low furniture.

Lorem Lower furniture is ideal for use on a balcony, not only is it on trend, it can also shelter you from the inevitable British elements during the evening. Some well-made rattan furniture or a bistro set could strike the perfect balance between weather resistance and a chic outdoor aesthetic.


Are you looking for ideas on how to transform your small living space? We’ve created a variety of space layouts using only one room to show you how you can re-imagine your living space, no matter what the size. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Bring the outside in.

When planning the design of your small space, plants may often be an afterthought. Not only do they bring colour and oxygen to the room, plants can add depth and dimension to stark spaces, particularly useful went renting if you’re unable to make any structural and paint changes.


Create additional floors wherever you can.

If you have high ceilings which are being ineffectively used, explore the idea of an additional floor. From an extra bedroom to office space, an extra floor not only adds an extra level of interest (pun intended), but it can make your space multifunctional. Just make sure you have the relevant planning permission before you start work.


Extend a small kitchen with a few extra workspace tables.

Tiny kitchens can often leave us with a lack of workspace. We recommend finding a table a similar height to your worksurfaces with a wood or stone surface. These can be moved around to create an island for drinks with friends or even a handy place to eat breakfast. The more additional surface areas you can introduce to your kitchen, the more space you’ll have to entertain. Opt for a fold up table to store elsewhere when not in use.


Devote areas to other functions.

With some planning and a dash of creativity you can find spaces for other functions in even the smallest flat. Here we’ve created a small office space perfect for professionals that tend to work from home. The white desk and shelves help the area blend in, while the pop of the yellow chair adds dimension and contrast.


Looking to create the illusion of a larger bedroom? We’ve got some clever tips and tricks to help you make even the smallest rooms feel bigger. We’ve created a variety of bedroom layouts using only one space to show you how you can re-imagine your bedroom, no matter what the size. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Make entire walls mirrored.

Mirrored walls make spaces look larger by reflecting the light and doubling a room. This technique can not only create the illusion of a larger space it can create a focal piece in the room. We’ve used a distressed mirror to add texture and depth in contrast to the white walls and furniture.


Raise your bed.

We’ve combined childhood dreams of bunkbeds with current dreams of a walk-in wardrobe. Turns out you don’t need a large space to have it all! Raising your bed instantly creates further floor space which can be used as wardrobe space, desk space, or even a living space if you’re living in a small studio flat maximising your small space.


Hanging tables.

Not only is this a handy idea if you your bed is in an awkward space, it’s seriously on-trend. It looks incredibly elegant in almost any tiny rooms. Place a stack of magazines with a plant or succulent for Scandinavian interior blogger vibes.


Partition the room into sections.

Dividing your bedroom into sections can give the illusion of a larger space as you’re defining and seperating the room. The option of a bookcase we’ve used here allows enough light to pass through to ensure there are no dark parts of the room. Add interest with copper wired bowls, your favourite coffee table books or those countless Vogues you’ve been saving.

Hallway / Office

Multipurpose rooms are always handy in homes with little space. We’ve created a variety of hallway / office layouts using only one space to show you how you can re-imagine your hallway / office no matter what the size. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Get some nooks into those unused areas.

Almost every space in the home has those areas that just won’t get used unless you apply some creative magic and imagination. That seemingly insignificant alcove or other awkwardly shaped part of a room could work well as a reading nook for some much-needed quiet time. Add bright scatter cushions for a cosy feel.


Add light and reflection with mirrors.

Never underestimate the level of visual interest that a mirror can add to a modest space. Of course, it helps to make the space seem bigger, but the light reflections can also make for some intriguing effects and create a feature within your space.


Creating an office space.

Under the stairs space can often become cluttered and not maximised to its full potential, slim furniture can be used to add function without overfilling a space further. Opt for light furniture that easily blends in to avoid it looking clunky.


Make the room look larger with reflective materials.

Reflective surfaces are a fantastic way to make a space look larger and add an element of style. By reflecting and bouncing light reflective materials can be used on floors and walls to give the illusion of a brighter space even in the smallest or darkest of small spaces.

Kitchen / Dining

Are you lacking in kitchen / dining space? We’ve put together a few tips and hacks on how to transform your kitchen space into a multifunctional room. Please see our list of handy tips below!


Double duty drawer hack.

Imagine being able to pull out an additional work surface whenever you need it? This solution is as slick and elegant as it is practical and enables you to prepare food when space is lacking. If building yourself, ensure the drawer and board is secure and cleaned regularly.


Create ceiling high storage.

It’s easy to think of a wine rack as something that takes up space you otherwise need to move around a kitchen freely. Adding storage up towards the ceiling not only creates an incredible storage solution, it also creates a quirky design feature adding a bistro feel to any kitchen.


Fold out cupboard hack.

One of the things you really need to do to get more out of any small space is find ways to make those customary items perform two, three or even four functions. A cupboard that transforms into a table is the perfect solution for kitchens too small to have a table out all the time.


Make your kitchen garden a true work of art.

Is your kitchen turning into a greenhouse? Or are you lacking the space to have the herb garden you’ve always dreamed of? Create wooden shelves on a blackboard for an easy storage solution and a worthy art piece in your kitchen. You can write little notes in chalk on what each herb is.