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We guarentee the highest levels of quality and performance.

General services

Welwyn Merx is THE leading independent specialist Mercedes-Benz vehicle servicing. With the latest in computer-based diagnostic equipment and access to the most up-to-date technical workshop information.

MOT Test
Mot Testing

Our MOT's are carried out independently off site by appointment only

MOT Test
Electrical Fault finding

As technology is playing more of a big part in today's motoring, fault finding and fixing the fault your vehicle might be showing requires high level technical equipment and highly skilled technicians. At Welwyn Merx we have both and therefore able to provide engine fault diagnostics to all our customers.

Mechanical fault finding

When it comes to Mercedes repairs of mechanical parts like brake pads and discs, a specialised mechanic is required. Welwyn Merx are experienced and highly qualified Mercedes-Benz service specialists. We only use original Mercedes Parts for repairs, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and performance

Air conditioning

Did you know that continuous use actually helps to keep your Mercedes-Benz air conditioning system working more efficiently. However your Mercedes air conditioning service schedule should be maintained periodically as with any other vital Mercedes-Benz component

Air Con

Welwyn Merx boast a wide range of up to date diagnostic equipment, including dealership level diagnostic machines. If you have any problems with your car that may require diagnostic services please give us a call



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